Couples therapy or marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy. Marriage counseling helps the couple to resolve their conflicts and improve & maintain a healthy relationship among them. It helps the couple to make thoughtful decisions for strengthening and rebuilding their relationships.
There are licensed therapists, who are also known as marriage or family therapists provide these counseling. These therapists having graduate or postgraduate degrees.
It is not necessary that both the partners are involved in the marriage counseling session, many of times only one partner chooses to consult the therapist alone.

Types of Marriage Counseling:

Marriage counseling can be either before marriage or after marriage i.e. there are two types of marriage counseling- Pre-martial and Post- martial. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1.Pre-marital Counseling:

As the name implies, this counseling is done before marriage. Pre-martial counseling helps couples to improve their relationships before marriage. In the pre-marriage counseling, the counselor will encourage you to discuss the topics like:

  • Communication

  • Financial Planning

  • Beliefs and Opinions

  • Sex and Affection

  • Desire for children

  • Managing Anger

  • Family bonding

2. Post- Marriage Counseling:

The couples consider post-marriage counseling when they realize that differences are increasing between them and the bond is not similar as like before. Either the negative habits or lacking communication is affecting their marriage.

Why you need marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is really a prominent solution for helping couples in all their intimate, sentimental, thoughts conflicts regardless of their sexual orientation or status of marriage.

However, it is not necessary that you seek a marriage counselor only in the case of conflicts or problems, many couples consider marriage counseling to build more trust between each other and strengthening their relationships. It is also beneficial for those couples who are planning to get married. Pre-martial counseling can help couples to understand each other more effectively and settle down the differences before marriage.

Generally, the couples look for marriage counseling or family counseling when they found problems in maintaining their relationship. The common issues are:

  • Problems in communication with each other.

  • Facing problems in an intimate relationship

  • Conflicts in child upbringing and joint families

  • Anger

  • Infidelity

Marriage Counseling is also a very good choice in cases of domestic abuses. However, the violence has crossed the threshold then counseling alone wouldn’t be a good option, you should seek police help too.

What does a marriage counselor do?

A marriage counselor sees both married couples and individuals. He asks certain questions to know what problems are affecting their relationship or marriage. He can provide counseling sessions in which he gives the solutions for the problems. The problems could be the difference in thoughts and opinions or could be some negative habits like drug abuse, drinking habits, anger, depression, and other causes affecting the marriage. He provides a safe and neutral place where the patient can talk openly about what is disrupting their marriage.

Generally, a marriage counselor doesn’t give an opinion about whether a couple should get a divorce or stay together. In fact, a marriage counselor tries his best to bring the couples back to their earlier bonding.

Didn’t get good result after searching “Marriage Counseling near me”?

It is not fully certain that after searching “Marriage Counseling near me”, you will always get the satisfying results. As the reviews and ratings are given by the patients who get some particular services. So, it may be possible that the same doctor whose rating is high could be an expert in treating any other disease, but not for what you are looking for.

In this case, you can ask your friends and family and also seek advice from your family doctor. You can also interview several therapists before selecting anyone by examining their:

  • Experience and Education

  • Office hours, consulting time

  • Treatment planning

  • Fees

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What you will get?

Marriage counseling not only resolves the conflicts but also brings the couple closer to each other. A therapist will develop skills to build your relationship such as:

  • Better Communication

  • Good understanding

  • Proper discussion for problems without quarrels

What to keep in mind while discussing?

Here are some things you need to know while consulting the therapist in marriage counseling:

  • It can be hard for you to discuss your problems with your counselor:

    During the sessions, it may happen that you and your partner shout at each other while discussing the problems. It is OK. In this session, the counselor will act as a referee to resolve the conflicts.

  • You can go alone too:

    If your partner does not agree to go with you for counseling sessions, you can go alone. It would be more challenging to go alone, but it would be easy to discuss the behavior of you and your partner.

  • Therapies could be short term too:

    It is not necessary that the therapy would take a very long time. Some couples find solutions in 1 or 2 sessions while some take months.

  • Need to do some homework:

    Your therapist may give you some additional communication tasks that you need to do with your partner. For e.g. talking soothing things face to face with your partner for 10-15 minutes.

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